The Night Shift is actually a few things. It sort of started out as a name we thought was cool for a group of friends that played games online together, and eventually became the name for side IT work that I would do for friends and family. But for me, The Night Shift became what I viewed as a label. On the simple end, nothing but a cool sounding name for things that I do; but also a goal, what I want to be doing, what I want to accomplish. I’m attempting to learn app and software development, and really hoping to sprinkle some game development in there (even if they’re ever only tiny experiments). On the side, The Night Shift will also be about anything else creative I attempt, such as writing, art, or whatever I try to dabble in –  as well as hopefully any lessons or mistakes along the way.

When it comes to secular goals in my life, I’ve never wanted an absurd amount of money or a large house or expensive car; I want to create. Some people are amazing artists, some people create fantastic music… and perhaps I can grow to do those things, but software development and app development appealed to me, being the one spinning the central web that ties together all of the talents and ideas into one cohesive whole.

So far, my attempts at learning these things have been somewhat failed attempts, though I only have myself to blame. Growing up and going to school, I was always unfortunately ahead of the curve. I say unfortunately because I believe it’s sort of affected me much farther past school with a perfectionist complex, or rather a belief that everything should come easy to me. Instead of taking challenges head on, I only put up with a challenge for a bit before saying “apparently this isn’t for me, I’m just not good at this.” Couple that with a hectic schedule that feels like it’s always changing, I need to figure out how to continually simplify and focus on things like this that are important. I view this as a trade or a skill that will be invaluable to me and taking care of my family as I continue to grow.

So, I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing here with this blog. I think I’m attempting to push past those inclinations, to tackle those challenges head-on, and to try to log my journey and also asking for accountability. I’m probably going to need help (and I’m always open to guidance or suggestions). My name is Devin, and The Night Shift is my attempt to build a foundation for my creative projects. If you know me, please hold me to my goals. I’m my own worst enemy to my success, and I don’t want to keep letting myself get in the way.


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